Everyone dreams about having a pension big enough to afford travelling and living a careless life once they decide to retire. Unfortunately, not many people realize that, in order to achieve that pension one should start saving from the very first years of working. It is true – most youngsters seem careless about their economic future and decide to engage themselves into big expenditures, although they will not be able to afford them anymore. For those who do think about their future, financial specialist Kelly Ruggles claims it is never early enough to start saving for your retirement years.

With an experience of nearly 20 years in the retirement area, Kelly Ruggles manages to offer valuable advice and customized retirement plans for all those seeking his help. Throughout the years he has successfully helped more than 1,000 persons (men and women) in achieving their desired retirement financial plans, each with their own particularities and goals.

Ruggles is also the President of the American Reliance Group Inc. and the author of “The Financial Playbook”, the perfect guide for all those thinking about retirement. Moreover, Kelly Ruggles is known for his specialized seminars and workshops, regularly held in Spokane, Washington. During these training sessions and workshops, he aims to teach his students how to create their perfect retirement plan, and how to improve their incomes once they reached pension. The course attendants can learn the required skills in order to successfully participate in the stock market or to invest in mutual funds, each with a great rate of profitability.

Throughout his experience years in the financial industry, Ruggles observed that each person has unique expectations and requirements from their retirement plans. Thus, some of them will seize to pay off their debts and gather enough money for potential medical expenses, while others will decide to travel across the globe, see the world and save little money. This plethora of expectations strengthens the need for specialized financial consultation which only Ruggles and a few other scholars are able to provide. Moreover, the expert claims that a detailed financial plan, covering the majority of expectations will often improve the client’s life, leaving aside most of the daily worries and troubles.

For all those who think about their future and want to start saving on a financial plan, do not hesitate into reading Kelly’s book. Integral chapters of his work can be found free to download on his personal website.