With the advanced science and technology, many gases which existed are now being made very useful and hold an important place in many fields of life today. The different gases that exist today are used for different purposes and they have their own importance either scientifically, medically or in other ways. Nitrous oxide is one such gas which is extensively used in many fields of life and is of great importance in many aspects of life in the modern times. Commonly termed as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is widely used and holds a significant place in fields like medical science etc. This colorless gas has many uses and is considered to be one of the most important medications in the list of essential health medicines. Nitrous oxide thus when used carefully can prove to be the one which is of great use.

Uses and benefits of nitrous oxide – This is simply a gas which you can breathe and is non flammable and has either no or slightly sweet smell or taste of its own which can be felt. Discovered in 1772, nitrous oxide has many benefits today and is extensively used in a lot of ways. As the gas works very rapidly, it is used by many dentistry works to reduce or remove the pain in tooth as well it is has the property which makes it travel faster in your body and reaches to brain in seconds. It is thus used as sedative in the medical field by many medical professionals in only to a certain amount. The excess amount of inhalation sedation in rare cases can even cause little discomfort or nausea and thus it is only given in the appropriate amount to avoid any bad experience. Many other medical professional other than dentists also use this gas when needed appropriately and thus it is of great use in this field. In rocketry, nitrous oxide is used as an oxidizer in the launch of the rockets as an important fuel component as at elevated temperatures this gas acts tremendously powerful oxidizer. It has other uses such as it is used to increase power of the engines in the motor racing. It has the property which makes it useful in culinary uses in restaurants, coffee shops and other small or big places in whipped cream canisters, food sprays etc and nitrous oxide is an excellent propellant. It has also been commonly used as laughing gas as it has the property which makes people giggle. This greenhouse gas has many benefits and advantages attached to it but it is very important to take care of the safety measure before using it.

Although many gases which exists in our environment has some useful properties which makes them popular in many fields but at the same time there are many hazardous gases as well from which you need to protect yourself. From biological to environmental, nitrous oxide is definitely one of those gases which have the property which is unique in its own way and thus it is used in numerous fields for different purposes. As a compressed liquefied gas, it has some dangerous hazards attached to it as well and thus all the safety measures has to be taken before you use it. Long term use in medical field or excessive use of the gas can also lead to some biological troubles and it is thus highly recommended by the organizations dealing with health and safety. For availing the benefits of nitrous oxide you should know the pros and cons of this gas for your safety.