A builder’s clean is a term that you might come across often, especially if you work within the construction industry or manage commercial properties. The accepted meaning of the term is that of a deep clean, designed to be completed after intrusive building works.

As you can imagine, the amount of work that goes into such an extensive cleaning process goes above and beyond the sort of cleaning you would carry out within the home. Here we’ll run through the typical procedure so that you know what to expect if you ever need the services on an industrial cleaning company.

What is Required?

The amount of work involved will depend upon the size of the area or building to be cleaned as well as the nature of any construction work that has been carried out. Building work involving the construction or demolition of walls is always going to be a messy process that leaves debris, dirt and dust behind. The process will usually involve:

  • The work area will initially be cleaned of all large debris. This will involve the removal of large bits of plasterboard, brick, blockwork and timber that are still lying on the floor.
  • Carpeted floors should then be vacuumed to remove all remaining visible dust and dirt particles. A wet vacuum cleaner is sometimes a necessity for really dirty surfaces.
  • Hard floors should be mopped until they’re clean. This includes any tiled areas as well as any vinyl or hardwood floor coverings.
  • All shelves and surfaces will need to be cleaned and wiped free of dirt. This includes wiping out the inside of cupboards you would find within an office and the cabinets you would find inside a kitchen or a bathroom.
  • All ceiling mounted fans and light fittings will need to be wiped clean as these areas are a prime place for dirt to have gathered during the construction process.
  • All windows and doors, including their frames and any sills should be wiped down and cleaned thoroughly. This should also include any skirting boards present.

Do keep in mind that construction dust will continue to settle in the atmosphere, days after any building work is completed. It is for this reason that the bulk of the debris should be removed immediately with a builder’s clean scheduled for a few days later.

Is There Any Difference Between a Builders Clean and a Sparkle Clean?

Yes, there usually will be. As the name suggests, a sparkle clean is an all encompassing clean that should see a building ready for client handover. A builder’s clean on the other hand is a clean that will usually only leave a building looking presentable for viewings.

If you have just had construction work completed but your contractor wasn’t contracted to clean the work area after they finished, we would suggest hiring the services of a specialist. There are several companies providing after builders cleaning in Essex who will be able to assist so we suggest making a few phone calls. The costs are usually reasonable and they will be able to attend when required, quite often at short notice.

Overseeing construction projects doesn’t have to be difficult with the right tools at your disposal. Making use of industrial cleaning services is sure to make your job easier.


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